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Angel’s Rinse Cocktail


The first of a backlog of cocktail recipes I’ve been fiddling with – everybody get excited! No better time to post these than a Saturday, too. I hope everybody enjoys, and/or tells me what they would improve. I am a total rank amateur in this particular field of the ingestible arts, so any and all words back to me are appreciated. I ought to mention, I get most of my cocktail-ish/adventurous alcohol from this wee place.

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Vanilla Amaretto Fizz


This is a very basic, very light and very yum mix that I couldn’t recommend more highly (on the strict basis that you like amaretto – otherwise you’re gonna need to fiddle with that component).

Take crushed ice, half-fill glass. Tip 33ml (standard pour) vanilla vodka (I seriously love absolut’s vanilla), and 20ml amaretto (I used bols because my local off-licence is currently carrying loads of varieties of bols.*) into the ice. Top with diet coke (for the lightness). Shake or stir, and serve. Happy Friday! Yay, everybody.

*Including yogurt bols! For reals! Has anyone used that kind before? Please tell me about it, I’m fascinated and slightly scared to buy it).

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