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Secret Bliss Centres…Cherry Nutella CupTails


This is cold weather food right here. Right now, it’s late, I’ve had two car rides and two train journeys to get home, the wind is battering the windows and rain is trying to drill a hole in the pavements outside – I have a feeling that nights like these are what make these gorgeous, gooey centre cakes even better.

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Pure, Fresh, Lovely: Vegan & Gluten Free Chocolate Banana Muffins

Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins

A quick post: this was one of the first recipes I created on my very own, and I was very happy with how it turned out. I had gotten an assignment to cater for one of those typical post-meeting ‘cake half hours,’ and as the meeting involved an assembly of health care professionals, I wanted to be sure to cover all my bases in terms of coeliacs, dietary restrictions and food choices.

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Pink on Paddy’s Day? LemonBerry GrownUp MilkShake Cupcakes


Alright. So I’ve seen the regulation flood of green cupcakes appearing in time for our country’s favourite ‘everybody go out and drink enough to make friends with the floor’ day. A lot of them look damn good – and I was even considering making my own take on green cake as a comment on the day.

But then perverse instincts kicked in and I went off on a massive cocktail-inspired cake quest instead – hey, alcohol-inspired treats are still appropriate, right? I like to call ’em CupTails. I’m sure somebody has likely already thought of that, but I like it. It’s all catchy and stuff.

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Eye Candy Cake! Licorice Milk & Blackberry Jam Cupcakes

candy cupcakes

These were a very tentative project. They happened because I spent three days leading up to Mother’s Day attempting to figure out what on earth to do for my meticulously picky and intrinsically-difficult-to-please mum (I’m sorry, you’re amazing, but it’s true! haha…) I mostly did this figuring out by suggesting ideas that were turned down on by one, until out of exasperation I got a half-answer:

Herself: ‘Maybe try those licorice cupcakes you showed me.’

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Pirate’s Easter: Spiced Rum Banana Cupcakes with Hazelnut Egg Bombs


CupTail project part two! This recipe is credited to a wealth of bloggers, bakers and creators online who all sing the praises of spiced rum as a cupcake ingredient. I spent about a week seeing spins on this concept every time I went on an absentminded cake research adventure. Having used the stuff? I can really see why…

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Joanna’s Saturday Night Pizzas & Sunday Lunch Bread


Alright, so I thought it’s about time you lot were all introduced to the possibly genetic and very likely environmental cause of my total inability to leave a cook book alone, and my weakness for spending hours thinking about, looking at and experimenting with food. This is a double-recipe I’ve taken from my mum, Joanna, who is basically otherwise known as the black-belt lord master of catering.

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Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies


These came out seriously good. This is from somebody who was raised by a hardcore Nigella devotee and has made these ridiculously amazing things (must stick my take up on ’em when I next make them) for about six years now. Basically, it takes a lot for me to like a brownie recipe. These are unusual, delightful, eye-catching and a very good crowd pleaser. They’re very easy to throw together, too. Thanks, Sally, for the recipe! All I’ve done is to convert measurements. I should also note that the second time I made these I put chunks of posh white chocolate in the batter. The resulting bars were gone in about ten minutes. That’s all I’m saying…

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Cinnamon Sugar Dipped Nutella Filled Muffins


Nutella addicts! Ever want to put a slightly different spin on your chocolate hazelnut habit? Here’s a recipe from Sally and her wonderful Baking Addiction. I must note that her cakes are much prettier than mine! I baked my batch in some new, large-fit muffin tins, which gave my cakes a much broader base & less rise, consequently. If you do yours in cupcake tins you should achieve the puffy top look. (However they look though, they’re absolutely gorgeous!) Recipe makes about 8 to 10 muffins, depending on your trays.

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Vegan Cocoa Banana Nut Muffins


Alright, another write up on a reader-tested creation before this weekend’s batch goes up. These were another scary batch to make (the recipe specifically asks you to curdle almond milk for the batter. Argh!) But they got enough happy feedback that I’m happy with them! Different, in a positive sense.

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Triple Caramel Cupcakes with a Brown Sugar & Salt Caramel Batter


These were insane. Absolutely mad, in the most positive sense – they’re a Sally’s addiction creation (do you see a theme emerging in this blog by any chance? Go check out her stuff! You can’t go to her site and not end up baking.) I am only sorry that more people didn’t manage to try them immediately after I made ’em, when they were still warm from the oven with a cool fresh caramel-cream topping for contrast…

Makes exactly twelve. Tell everyone else it made ten. Ahem.


For the Cupcakes –

160g Plain Flour

3/4 tsp Baking Powder

1/2 tsp Salt

220g Dark Brown Sugar

120g Unsalted Butter (keep that stuff soft, yo)

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

125 ml Whole Milk

For the Frosting – 

120g Unsalted Butter

220g Dark Brown Sugar

75ml Double Cream

1/2 tsp Salt

400 – 450 g Icing Sugar (as needed)

Decorative Toppers (I used these ’cause they’re all pretty)


1. Preheat your oven – 160 celsius fan, 180 non-fan. Organise yourselves and line your cupcake pan with twelve cupcake liners (these ones are really pretty!)

2. Mix together your flour, baking powder and salt – I find that (with dry, clean hands) it’s often easiest to do this with your fingers! In a separate bowl or bowl-shaped container, combine your butter and sugar with your hands or a mixer for two to three minutes until they’re ready for a close-up. Perfect, yeah? Add in the eggs and vanilla and keep beating. Finally, tip in the flour mix, part by part, and keep combining. Add in the milk to get a final, perfect, even consistency.

3. There, your batter is ready! Use it to fill each cupcake liner to just over halfway full – these things will grow in your oven, no need to worry. Bake for between 20 to 22 minutes (mine took twenty, bang on.) They’re ready when a poke-stick comes out of the centre of one of ’em, clean. Set aside to cool, 30 minutes to an hour.

4. Icing time – now, personally speaking, this bit is scary, because you make caramel as part of the icing. This is one of the much spoken-of, often-dreaded ‘difficult’ things to master as part of a career in confection. Want advice? Chillax. Follow my instructions, and things will turn out fine. Okay? Here we go.

5. Over a mid-low heat, melt your butter in a small saucepan. When it’s just melted, add the brown sugar, and the cream. From here, you do not leave that saucepan alone. Turn the heat down a tiny little bit (particularly if you have a demonic stove-top like ours) to keep yourself extra protected from burning. And stir. Seriously. Consistently. Just stir.  The sugar will dissolve. Add in your salt. Keep stirring. It’ll start bubbling and thickening. Permit the bubbles for precisely three minutes (keep a timer next to you. I watched my microwave). After that take it off the heat and let it cool down to room temperature (takes about a half hour). Put it nowhere near a fridge, it messes with the magic.

6. Now, get out that electric mixer. Put the caramel you’ve made (hey! well done!) into a mixing bowl, add your icing sugar (start with about 3/4 of what you have) and beat ’em up good. Add more icing sugar as desired til it reaches a good consistency – and here’s a tip, if you go overboard with the sugar, add in whole milk or cream to get it back to prettiness again. Use piping or a spoon to layer this over your cakes, and top with decorations of your choice.




Enjoy (seriously. Oh my god).

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