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Pink on Paddy’s Day? LemonBerry GrownUp MilkShake Cupcakes


Alright. So I’ve seen the regulation flood of green cupcakes appearing in time for our country’s favourite ‘everybody go out and drink enough to make friends with the floor’ day. A lot of them look damn good – and I was even considering making my own take on green cake as a comment on the day.

But then perverse instincts kicked in and I went off on a massive cocktail-inspired cake quest instead – hey, alcohol-inspired treats are still appropriate, right? I like to call ’em CupTails. I’m sure somebody has likely already thought of that, but I like it. It’s all catchy and stuff.

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Pretty Frosty Cocktail


I first made these on Christmas day, at about nine in the morning, in a fit of pique after I’d been up for five hours. My excuse was I had to go jump in the sea an hour later (I live in Ireland. Argh.)

At first I made ’em pretty much half and half cream liquers in the spirit of christmas fattening, but I’ve modified the recipe since so it’s not QUITE as bad. Promise.

If you wanna give ’em a go (or come by, cause I make cocktails with incredibly little prompting) –

Directions & Ingredients

– Crushed Ice

– Ice Water

– Good Quality Vodka (Stoli, Absolut, Skyy)

Coole Swan Liquor

Hazelnut Bailey’s Liquor

Half fill a tall glass with crushed ice. The rest depends on how drunk/sugar loaded you want to  get, so adjust quantities accordingly, but I suggest 33 ml (one standard european measure) of vodka as a base, followed by about 45 ml each of baileys and coole swan. then top it up with ice water and shake or stir to combine.

Let me know what you all think!

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