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Trashy-Healthy-Sweet: The Blueberry Weekend


I’ve spent the past three months in a manic, non-stop whirlwind of thesis writing, clinical placement, cross country moves, exams, presentations, study, research & general complete and utter inability to sit down. It’s been insane, everyone. Really off the deep end of insane. But insanity drives creativity, as we all know. Prepare yourselves.

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Spicy Cran-Raspberry Fruit Drop Cocktail


Three cocktail posts in one night – here’s the final!

This was the result of perusing both a massive cocktail book that my very thoughtful and deadly bro Leo got me for my birthday – he’s found here, and he created that graphic at the head of the page you’re on. Go visit him!) …and the back shelves of one of the best health food stores in the world, Nature’s Gold in Greystones. I found their cordials, and took the cranberry stuff in stock home. Then all this happened.

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Ro’s Electric Orchard


Made in the name of Roday – the 8th of March, otherwise known as my birthday, International Women’s Day, Irish Pyjamas Day & (best of all) Bryan Cranston‘s birthday (hell yes) – this stuff is just lovely. Sweet, sour and zingy, very good to make and drink on the eve of a big night.

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Angel’s Rinse Cocktail


The first of a backlog of cocktail recipes I’ve been fiddling with – everybody get excited! No better time to post these than a Saturday, too. I hope everybody enjoys, and/or tells me what they would improve. I am a total rank amateur in this particular field of the ingestible arts, so any and all words back to me are appreciated. I ought to mention, I get most of my cocktail-ish/adventurous alcohol from this wee place.

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Raspberry Orange Peach Berry Fizz


These happened because some sugar free fizzy Vimto turned up I the aisles of my local Tesco – this is a rarity in Ireland! You British folk have it so easy…

So I got very excited about doing a sweet fruit drink that wouldn’t cost the earth in terms of calories but still has an interesting set of flavours. I bought it and that evening, I came up with this:

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Coconut Mango Tropic Cocktail


These got made at the start of a very good night out, and they stayed in my head for that reason. Something about them went right and I highly recommend them. The secret ingredient, childishly enough, is tropical mi wadi.  I know, right? I’m six.

Here’s the drill:

Half-fill a tall glass with crushed ice, then pour one standard measure of absolut mango vodka, and one standard measure malibu snowcoco (though regular would probably also be gorgeous!). Dash in more tropical mi wadi than you think you need, and top up with lemonade (or sprite, for the trashy amongst us. Sprite zero for the light-minded trashy).

Good stuff, right? Hope y’all have a good night, too 🙂

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Vanilla Amaretto Fizz


This is a very basic, very light and very yum mix that I couldn’t recommend more highly (on the strict basis that you like amaretto – otherwise you’re gonna need to fiddle with that component).

Take crushed ice, half-fill glass. Tip 33ml (standard pour) vanilla vodka (I seriously love absolut’s vanilla), and 20ml amaretto (I used bols because my local off-licence is currently carrying loads of varieties of bols.*) into the ice. Top with diet coke (for the lightness). Shake or stir, and serve. Happy Friday! Yay, everybody.

*Including yogurt bols! For reals! Has anyone used that kind before? Please tell me about it, I’m fascinated and slightly scared to buy it).

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Pretty Frosty Cocktail


I first made these on Christmas day, at about nine in the morning, in a fit of pique after I’d been up for five hours. My excuse was I had to go jump in the sea an hour later (I live in Ireland. Argh.)

At first I made ’em pretty much half and half cream liquers in the spirit of christmas fattening, but I’ve modified the recipe since so it’s not QUITE as bad. Promise.

If you wanna give ’em a go (or come by, cause I make cocktails with incredibly little prompting) –

Directions & Ingredients

– Crushed Ice

– Ice Water

– Good Quality Vodka (Stoli, Absolut, Skyy)

Coole Swan Liquor

Hazelnut Bailey’s Liquor

Half fill a tall glass with crushed ice. The rest depends on how drunk/sugar loaded you want to  get, so adjust quantities accordingly, but I suggest 33 ml (one standard european measure) of vodka as a base, followed by about 45 ml each of baileys and coole swan. then top it up with ice water and shake or stir to combine.

Let me know what you all think!

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