Commissions & Custom Orders



I should mention – I get a really big kick out of doing custom work, and I’ve had a few very happy commissions in the past. Take this, for example: here was a batch of three different cupcake flavours done to the tastes and preferences of a lady whose daughter wanted something specific and different for her birthday…


Daughter and I thought her tastes through and I came up with a cointreau, white russian, and whiskey trio of flavours. Next, I created some handmade chocolate shapes for some personalised decoration…and finally…


…I boxed ’em with some chocolates and an edible message.

Not everyone might want cupcakes for their birthday though, right…? Because I also ought to mention I can do stuff like this –


…Which was a custom created recipe for a very creative birthday girl, who had had an idea for a cake for a long time and never seen it done anywhere else. This was a shortbread biscuit base cake with a brownie layer, chocolate cake layer, cream and cadbury’s chocolate ganaches and full set of edibly glossed cadbury’s buttons to finish!

I’ve also done these…



And these…


And these!

candy cupcakes

…All on the request of people who were looking to get something exactly the way they wanted it.

So! Feeling interested..? Got any special events coming up – birthdays, anniversaries, christenings or even just a little bit of curiosity about whether your favourite ingredients could find their way into a cake, a cupcake, a cookie, biscuit or a pastry (and yes, I’ve worked bacon and cheese into cake before) – send me a message, tweet me or y’know, throw rocks at my window. (Don’t do that, I’ll get in trouble).

I am always happy to help and generally overjoyed to experiment – there’s no reason not to ask. Try it, and see.

Twitter: @rokulrachel, or find the link at the bottom of the page…

Email: rachelsltkennedy at gmail dot com

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