About Rachel


O Hai strangers. This is my real face. 

Woah this needed an update!

I’m in my late twenties and I work in two hospitals as a clinician combining art and science to try and get the best outcomes for my patients. I’m a hybrid artist-scientist. This background works well with being a weekend baker-chef. Not too surprising, right?

I grew up in a house full of food, creativity and (hilarious) dysfunction, around people with a whole spectrum of attitudes towards eating, diet and health. This means I’m absolutely fascinated with everything from the trashiest of american trad, to the different ways to make things sugar free, gluten free, vegan or health-infused (while still keeping things tasting of glory). I have a very strong interest in dietetics and how we think about, feel about and eat from our plates. I also make a lot of cake.


Gorgeous lunatics, house was full of ’em

I’ve lived in London, Dublin, Wicklow, Limerick and San Francisco, and I hope to add to that collection of places.

At the moment I’m an urbanite learning even more yet again about the best kind of dinner to have on a Tuesday and how many different ways it’s possible to add peanut butter to things. I’m with a wonderful, cheeky, very stubborn and very kind person who’s taught me even more about food than I thought I knew when I got this started, and that’s just mind bendingly awesome.



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