Trashy-Healthy-Sweet: The Blueberry Weekend


I’ve spent the past three months in a manic, non-stop whirlwind of thesis writing, clinical placement, cross country moves, exams, presentations, study, research & general complete and utter inability to sit down. It’s been insane, everyone. Really off the deep end of insane. But insanity drives creativity, as we all know. Prepare yourselves.

This particular alcoholic creation was the outcome of the first weekend in about two months where I discovered I had two hours free at the end of the weekend, and a recent gift in the form of blueberry smirnoff sitting in my freezer. At the time I christened it “The Stressed Clinician,” but I don’t know how well that’s going to translate. I think it deserves a wider audience..

I devised the following. It turned out damn good, and it’s probably the trashiest, simplest little change to the staid traditional girly drink that is vodka & coke, but to hell with it, it’s damn good. Also, blueberries. Antioxidants and stuff, right? Technically I’m being good while I’m being bad – everybody wins here. Try it!


30 ml Smirnoff Blueberry Vodka

15 ml Ikea Blueberry Syrup

12 Frozen Blueberries

Pepsi/Coca Cola (Depends on your loyalties here. Go with Max/Zero if watching your sugar)


Drop blueberries into your glass, and pour over the vodka and syrup. Leave to sit for two minutes, then top with coke. Voila.




Cluedo – goes really well with cocktail making nights. Honest!

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