Pure, Fresh, Lovely: Vegan & Gluten Free Chocolate Banana Muffins

Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins

A quick post: this was one of the first recipes I created on my very own, and I was very happy with how it turned out. I had gotten an assignment to cater for one of those typical post-meeting ‘cake half hours,’ and as the meeting involved an assembly of health care professionals, I wanted to be sure to cover all my bases in terms of coeliacs, dietary restrictions and food choices.

This was the ‘cleanest’ recipe I managed to turn out. I could have gone a step further and used a low calorie sugar substitute, but I’m from a lineage of bakers who would have killed me for trying, so excuse this sole sin! These are unspeakably good when they’re fresh, and also a very wonderful breakfast food. There’s just one gentle warning I’d make – microwave these if you’re eating them a day or three after they’re made. Lack of butter in recipes seems to make cooled cupcakes and muffins much more attached to their liners, which isn’t always great from a presentation or a nourishment point of view – when half your cake ends up on the liner in the bin, life doesn’t seem as sweet!

I made these with my little sister in mind – she’s a part time vegan of sorts. I’ll put it this way. She tried one on the day they were made. Then asked for another the day after. And checked that there weren’t any left two days after. There weren’t – I’d disappeared them for my own snack joys. Oops! I’m a devoted ‘eat everything’ enthusiast, and I know my way around a cake stand – trust me when I say these don’t taste like they’re from simple, largely good-for-you ingredients. Give it a go!

Ingredients (Makes 24): 

150g Golden Caster Sugar

50g Demerara Brown Sugar

50g Ground Almonds

125g Applesauce (Pref. Unsweetened)

125g Coconut Butter (Melted)

1 Pot (125g) Alpro Soft Caramel Dessert

125ml Hazelnut Milk

325g Dove’s Farm Gluten Free Plain White Flour

4 Tsp Baking Powder

4 Large Bananas, Perfectly Ripe

Chopped Vegan Chocolate (Of Your Choice!)

20 Tsp Maple Syrup, For Drizzling

Dried Banana Chips, For Decoration



1. Set yourself up by lining up two twelve-cup muffin trays, and preheat, preheat, preheat that oven – 190 celsius for non-fan owners, or about 170 for the fan-havers. Combine the sugars and almond powder together in a large bowl, to create an even mixture. In a seperate, medium mixing bowl, blend the flour and baking powder to an even consistency.

2. The rest of this is painfully simple – work your way down the ingredient list, adding each ingredient as you see it appear on the list, and combining to even consistency after each addition. The key is just ensuring an even mix after each addition. Don’t overstir the chopped chocolate in (the last ingredient) just enough to get it through. Pour your mix into a jug to make it easier on yourself to distribute the batter between your liners – you may need to make a few goes of it!


3. Muffins go in the oven for twenty to twenty five minutes – they’ll be ready when a toothpick inserted right to the bottom of a cupcake comes out with no wet batter sticking to it. Put them straight on a rack to cool. Dribble with maple syrup & top with a banana chip to serve.



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