Angel’s Rinse Cocktail


The first of a backlog of cocktail recipes I’ve been fiddling with – everybody get excited! No better time to post these than a Saturday, too. I hope everybody enjoys, and/or tells me what they would improve. I am a total rank amateur in this particular field of the ingestible arts, so any and all words back to me are appreciated. I ought to mention, I get most of my cocktail-ish/adventurous alcohol from this wee place.

This was a thing I created in February – as you can see from its constituent ingredients below, I have a thing about chocolate, confectionary or candy based alcohol. I may have had that thing for years, at this point. I have recently upset myself by discovering stuff like this cake vodka, or this range of cupcake vodkas – only available in the states. Damnit, Ireland. We need this stuff. Somebody get me elected as the Irish vodka diplomat and I’ll have it done five minutes ago. Betcha.

I have a strong feeling this would work with any of the above sweet vodkas that I can’t find, but that is not to down-play how well vanilla vodka works as a part of this concoction. I was on a bit of an odd train of thought when I first figured this mix out (on my way home after a long Wednesday) and for some reason it seemed perfectly obvious to me that this kinda stuff is exactly what angels probably wash their hair in. They definitely wouldn’t drink it, after all…


Ingredients & Directions:

Half fill a standard tumbler with crushed ice, and drop in: 1 standard measure (33 ml, or a shot glass worth) of caramel liqueur (this stuff is a great christmas present – I say that mainly cause it’s how I got mine); 1 standard measure absolut vanilla, and 1 standard measure of white rum (I used bacardi, as I am uncultured).

Place a wide rim glass over your tumbler, ensure they’re fitted tightly together, and shake up the ingredients (stand over a sink for safety). Alternatively, be wiser than me and buy a proper cocktail shaker set. When well shaken, crack a split between your two glasses (or slightly open your shaker) and dribble the cold liquid into your glass, permitting a few ice cubes through.

If it’s too strong for you, this is still wonderful if diluted to taste with cream soda. Enjoy!

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