Raspberry Orange Peach Berry Fizz


These happened because some sugar free fizzy Vimto turned up I the aisles of my local Tesco – this is a rarity in Ireland! You British folk have it so easy…

So I got very excited about doing a sweet fruit drink that wouldn’t cost the earth in terms of calories but still has an interesting set of flavours. I bought it and that evening, I came up with this:

Quarter fill a tall glass with crushed ice (damn if I don’t need to get some different shapes of glasses. I’d love these – impractical yet gorgeous!). Follow up with 20ml Raspberry Absolut, 20ml Triple Sec (I use Bols) & 30ml Archers Peach Schnapps. Top with your Vimto and stir (or shake if you’re lucky enough to have a shaker – another thing I need to invest in!) Ornate chopsticks make very pretty stirrers. Serve with a bowl of fresh fruit. I am in love with baby figs right now.

Depending on the generosity of your measures, this figures out to be about 100 to 150 calories.



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